Our Products

Strong Workhorse 

The Juliet MCL 31 Er:YAG laser ablates the skin with a degree of precision that can be measured in microns and can be carried out as a fully ablative or fractional process. This makes it possible to safely and gently remove a wide variety of lesions from the skin at epidermis and dermis level. 

Key Benefits

· The Bestselling Er:YAG Laser Worldwide 
· Adjustable pulse width
· Skin resurfacing, tightening, cold ablating
· Intravaginal treatment, stress incontinence 
· Integrated smoke evacuation system with triple-filter system
· Made in Germany

Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader in the international medical laser market for over 35 years. Its ongoing successes, thanks to the constant development of new techniques, have made Asclepion one of the most qualified companies in the entire optics industry worldwide.